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One of the reasons why living in Apulia is wonderful is certainly the crystal-clear and mythological waters of its seas: truly an honour! In fact, Apulia is chosen as a destination for several reasons: besides the favourable climate, the food and its landscapes, there are definitely the beaches. It is not easy in any case to choose which beach to visit as one could make the mistake of forgetting some. This region boasts a considerable number of beaches to visit, with the highest concentration of paradisiacal shores, so it is not an easy job for the writer! Caressed by the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, Puglia has a considerable number of kilometres of coastline (around 940!!) where you can dive and explore inlets and sea caves.

Whether they are private beaches or a few metres of free sand, whether they are cliffs or caves, whether they are the best-known beaches of Salento or golden inlets yet to be discovered, the beaches of Apulia are truly the most beautiful. Maybe it is their high concentration, a real Ariadne’s thread that starts in Gargano and ends in Salento, maybe it is the ever-changing landscape that surrounds and characterises them, the beaches to see in Apulia seem never-ending!

In this article we just want to suggest, as we transcribe it with you, a sort of guide or map of Puglia and its beaches, helping you to choose where to go to the sea. We have said it a few lines above and we will say it again: the Apulian sea is so rich in unforgettable stops that you risk getting used to it, taking for granted that one too many stops that you have to indulge in to connect the dots on the map of Apulia. It is difficult to forget the Salento coves or the romantic sunsets over the Apulian sea if you choose one of our Sailboat Tours above all.

Below is our classification of the most beautiful beaches in Apulia to visit.

Bay of the Zagare

Starting from the north of Puglia, in the area called Gargano, we find Baia delle Zagare, between Vieste and Mattinata, whose name has an etymological origin from an ancient flower that only grew in that region. Among the most beautiful beaches in Apulia, we absolutely must include this bay, composed of fine white sand, with the green Gargano hinterland behind it. This certainly can be included among the most beautiful beaches in Apulia.

Torre Guaceto

Heading towards the centre of Puglia, the nature reserve and protected marine area of Torre Guaceto has all the characteristics to be included in the list of Puglia’s beaches to visit. Also very close to the Salento area, it is easy to mistake this corner of the earth for a piece of paradise: coral reefs, breathtaking seabed and golden sand, these are the clues we offer to convince you to go there, equipped with a map of Apulia, and try your hand at finding the exact locations of these hidden corners. Absolutely among the beaches in Puglia to visit.

Torre Dell’Orso

We mentioned Salento earlier, and this is where our next destination is located, among the most beautiful beaches in Apulia to visit: Torre dell’Orso. The Salento area is now well known for its seascapes, and this magical area has certainly contributed to its success.
This is the destination par excellence if you love diving and snorkeling. Here you will find rocky cliffs full of caves that are worth exploring. Definitely worthy of being among the beaches in Puglia to visit.

San Pietro in Bevagna beach

Changing sides but still remaining in Salento, having in front of us a map of Apulia we have to head west to be sure, this beach perfectly welcomes those who like to get lost in the quiet sea and especially like to be away from the masses. In fact, it is very easy to reach and above all it is possible to enjoy tranquillity and silence, ideal conditions for developing the Zen spirit during a holiday, which is very difficult to achieve in many other destinations. Crystal-clear sea and white sand make the atmosphere even more paradisiacal.

The Maldives of Apulia, Marina di Pescoluse

For those who want to discover territories and also relive distant, oceanic emotions, the Marina di Pescoluse answers this need very well. With its small sandbanks, this beach is known as the Maldives of Puglia. Soft, golden sand and bright, welcoming water perfectly represent the feeling of living in a daydream. For those who do not like to venture out into the open sea but enjoy the relaxation and warmth, the Maldives of Apulia, with shallow waters, symbolise the ideal setting for an unforgettable day at the sea, on one of the most beautiful beaches in Apulia.

What remains to be done now is to stop dreaming! We anticipate that, for those who want to visit them, it will certainly be difficult to exhaust the long list of Puglia’s most beautiful beaches in a single trip.

You have to consider that these types of landscapes also require time to experience them and not miss any glimpse or stretch of beach. What is left to do? Planning a trip to Apulia next summer would be reductive: come and enjoy it, live and draw up your own personal ranking!