Enjoy an exceptional aperitif in one of the most beautiful historic private homes in Puglia. On arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by the owners, who will enthusiastically tell you stories and anecdotes about their family and their heritage. The aperitif, typical of Puglia, will highlight local flavours not to be missed. This aperitif experience in these historic private homes will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the region in an intimate setting. These houses are true architectural gems that bear witness to Puglia’s glorious heritage. As you enter these historic places, you’ll be immersed in an authentic and enchanting atmosphere. The personal welcome from the owners adds a human dimension to the experience. Sharing their stories and family memories creates a unique link between visitors and the living heritage of these places. This direct interaction brings the stories and anecdotes to life, transforming the experience into a living exploration of the past.

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